sim4care is an adaptive AI-based learning platform for

immersive nursing simulation training

We want to increase learning experience and quality care delivery for the good of patients worldwide.

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We’re tackling these problems:

Lacking workforce
and motivation

Need for individual
and remote learning

Loss of nursing availability and quality

We have a unique approach.

Connecting 3 top tech megatrends

Immersive Technologies (VR/AR)

Machine Learning (Adaption)

Emotional AI-technology (voice / audio / visual)

What we’ve accomplished so far

Petra Dahm
Petra Dahm Strategic Business Consultant
Dr. Mark Weinert
Dr. Mark WeinertMedical Doctor & Simulation Expert

How we’re solving this problem

  • New technology for new generations

  • New learning with virtual simulations and real-time feedback

  • Individual learning for every learner’s type

  • Exclusive training for nursing – not medical for user acceptance

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